Socialize Smart, Savvy and Safe!

Get outdoors and learn about our earth and oceans  with a diverse community!

Explore our Programs!  Socializing doesn't have to be just hanging out in clubs, malls, theaters or skating rinks.     

  Join others in exploring the environment, cleaning our waterways, restoring our shorelines, learning renewable energy technology, art and marine science! 

Junior Scientists!  Marine Science and Energy Engineers

Whether your child loves engineering or outdoors our programs give them the basics to navigate their careers towards community base science! 

Join the fun become a junior engineer or marine scientist with building unique projects that protect the environment and promote future science interests!

Field Trips and Community Volunteer Projects

Socialize with Education and have fun learning about the Environment through field trips and special events! 


Socialize with empowerment to help clean up and restore your local beaches and coastlines and make a difference in protecting the ecosystem today!  


Socialize with safety while learning about the Ocean, bays and waterways! 


Volunteer for coastal restoration, marine debris cleanup, education awareness campaigns to protect our earth and waterways. 


Join us on a boat cruise for a narrative educational experience of your local marine environment!

Every year we have new opportunities where unique youth groups can socialize and create a sense of ownership with the environment. 

Unique Programs that create a social identity and a sense of belonging. 

Renewable Energy Camp encourages young environmental science engineers to explore the basics of creating solar, wind and saltwater energy.  


Marine Science Camp teaches real-world career and developmental field exploration tools to the young marine scientist.


SMART - Students Monitoring Area Restoration Techniques 

This program provides sometimes paid internships to college seniors and graduates to apply their knowledge with a hands-on opportunity to gain job experience in their marine career!


Captain Kids and Clean Waterways- has several community-based programs:

Volunteer events

Marine Debris in water clean-ups using snorkeling and scuba diving* from volunteer captained boats. 

STRAW or Go Strawless: The newest campaign to reduce the number of plastics getting into our ocean.  This campaign targets restaurants and schools to replace plastic straws with paper and plant-based biodegradable straws. 


Socialize with Passion to help clean up our waterways and help wildlife today! 

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Sun 'N Fun Energy Camp

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Marine Biology Camp $175

SUMMER 2018  Full 

       Week Available Ages 7-12  July 23-27


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