During the summer and throughout the year we have special events and fun programs! Check back often to learn about volunteer events and out special programs such as our Painter's Pallette Event, Kids Kayaking, Karate Power, Marine biology Camp and Climate Change camp. 

Captains, Kids and Clean Waterways

The Captains, Kids and Clean Waterways program focus on cleaning up the watersheds of North West Florida and providing the opportunity for everyone to take ownership in keeping our waters clean and healthy.  There are several components to the program.  Volunteers will be taken by boat to remote areas that are frequented by weekend boater population and clean up on land and underwater marine debris which can affect the health of our watersheds and overall water quality. We take an active effort in restoring out coastal shorelines. 

Our STRAW or Go Strawless Campaign 2018 engages the entire community with a sense of ownership to prevent marine debris from entering our waterways and oceans! 


STRAW or GO Strawless Campaign

Our Start Taking Responsibility Around Water (STRAW) or Go Strawless is a pledge campaign to help businesses who care about the environment help their customers actively participate in protecting our bays and oceans by replacing plastic straws with biodegradable plant base straws or paper straws.  

(SMART) Students Monitoring Areas Restoration Techniques

This unique program teaches kids the basics of marine monitoring techniques of ecosystem restoration projects such as seagrass, reefs, dunes and shoreline plantings of North West Florida.  We create living shorelines through volunteer efforts. We monitor areas projects to create a research data base for environmental managers all over the United States.   

Sun N' Fun Clean Energy Camp

Students learn how to build the basics of solar, wind, hydro and saltwater energy. They learn how they can use these and other natural resources to power their everyday life. After a unique adventure of thinking outside the box and building projects, the students end the week with a camp out on the beautiful Deadman's Island in Gulf Breeze, where they apply their newly built projects and learn other natural alternatives to their camping experience. 

Our program is the first of its kind in the Florida Panhandle as of 2015. We partner with other organizations to increase the awareness and inspire future engineers and scientists to navigate towards a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 


Did you know you can get energy from ground? Did you know salt water can power small toys?

Learn about all the ways you can power your gadgets with Solar, Wind water, and even fruit!

YOU can charge your cell phone in a pinch! Make your own logs for the campfire that's completely biodegradable but not using precious wood resources!

Our day Science camp will start at University of West Florida Innovative Institute! This is where brilliant ideas are thought of every day! After learning the secrets of free energy, we continue our day camp on Wednesday outside in beautiful Gulf Breeze! On Friday, we will meet at Deadman's Island for night camp out! During this campout, we will use some of our solar secrets and free energy!  *Overnight is optional and Parents are welcomed to join us at our Friday Night Campout! 



SUMMER Marine Biology Camp

This is a Marine Biology Camp you haven't experienced before!  Learn what is means to be a real junior marine biologist! You will get wet! You will get salty! You will get MUDDY! Our days start like any marine biologist, checking the winds, tides, currents and water visibility. Then we get out the seines, microscopes, and snorkels! It is important to learn boat safety, so this program doesn't go without teaching you boat safety! We have many other Marine Biology secrets we won't tell because we want you to come and explore the field of Marine biology and experience the unique underwater science for yourself! 

Savvy Stormwater  Superheroes

This private donor and grant funded project shows students the importance of water quality within the Pensacola Bay System.  Each student participates in projects to help cleanup the stormwater which flows into Pensacola Bay by planting vegetation that filters stormwater and cleaning up the areas around the stormwater systems.

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Sun 'N Fun Energy Camp

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