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Climate Science

As part of the NOAA Climate Stewards program
Socialize With Education is creating awareness and solutions to an often misunderstood terms as "Climate Change" and "Global Warming".  Helping youth, volunteers, and parents understand the causes of this term and the real trends, can empower the youth to make a difference to help reduce the carbon footprint and the disastrous domino effects caused by increased development, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and other environmental impacts.

Students learn how to build the basics of solar, wind, hydro and saltwater energy. They learn how they can use these and other natural resources to power their everyday life. After a unique adventure of thinking outside the box and building projects, the students end the week with a camp out on the beautiful Deadman's Island in Gulf breeze, where they apply their newly built projects and learn other natural alternatives to their camping experience. 

Our program is the first of its kind in the Florida Panhandle as of 2015. We partner with other organizations to increase the awareness and inspire future engineers and scientists to navigate towards a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

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